Cereal Box Art

Waking up in the morning was never a fun thing to do, even as a kid. But what made it a little bit easier was getting to eat your favorite cereal! The excitement of opening a new box of cereal to get the prize inside was always a highlight of the morning. Sometimes the fun, cool, groovy, funny, funky designs on the boxes was a treat as wel! With bright colors, exciting fonts, and fun character designs, it really made it easy to want to bring home the box from the food store. Cereal was always a big business but come mid 1980's everyone from Mr T. to Bill and Ted was cashing in on the morning cereal mania. Ahhh, Saturday mornings with your favorite cartoon and your favorite cereal!

Let's take a look at some of the cereals that you may or may not have devoured.

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If you would like to see more box covers check out this website


or to get more info about the history of cereal we HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book.

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Tell us below if you had a favorite cereal!

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