Music We Like And Think You Should Get: Thunder, Lightning, Strike by The Go! Team

Thunder, Lightning, Strike is the debut album by The Go! Team. Released on September 14, 2004 on the British label, Memphis Industries, this masterpiece really has something for everyone.

Not to be confused with the Washington-based band called The Go Team, this band is from Brighton, England and have an explanation point after "Go." Band Founder Ian Parton conceived The Go! Team after wanting to create music incorporating Sonic Youth-style guitars, Double Dutch chants, Bollywood soundtracks, old school hip hop, and electro. These ideas led to the recording of Thunder, Lightning, Strike in his parents' kitchen.

As a six-piece band, their songs are a mix of live instruments and samples from various sources. The band's vocals vary between performances, while live vocals are handled mostly by English rapper and female lead vocalist, Ninja.

Loaded with so many different genres, sounds, styles, and instruments, this album is sure to please any fan of music. Rocking instrumentals, playground chanting, layered sweeping sounds, and even banjo plucking, the album changes with every song, but still keeps that sound of The Go! Team. A few songs that top our list from this album are Panther Dash, We Just Won't Be Defeated, and our favorite song, Everyone is a VIP to Someone.

Check out this video for Junior Kickstart.

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