Whats Happening With The Brady Bunch?

On April 25, 1977 television history was made. Two iconic television worlds crashed together to produce some of the most memorable scenes in television's LONG LONG history. And this all happened on The Brady Bunch Hour!

Whats that? You never heard of The Brady Bunch Hour? Well, let's take a quick look back at it...

On November 28, 1976 the ABC network aired the Brady Bunch Variety Hour, The special garnered high ratings and led to eight additional 60-minute episodes which were produced and aired sporadically under the shortened title The Brady Bunch Hour from January 23 to May 25, 1977.

The show had the entire cast of the TV show come back except for one. Jan Brady (Eve Plum) did not sign on to come back for the show and was replaced by Geri Reischi ( aka Fake Jan.)

Contrary to popular belief, Eve Plumb was originally slated to appear in the variety hour. "I wanted to do the show but there was a built-in option for thirteen more shows and possibly five years," Plumb stated in a 1976 interview. Plumb agreed to appear in five of the thirteen planned episodes, but when the network demanded that it was all-or-nothing, she backed out of the project.

Like similar variety shows that were popular at the time (Donny & Marie) this show had it all, big shinny stages, big shinny clothes, big song and dance numbers, and even underwater dance numbers!

The Krofftettes were a dance troupe, who also performed water ballet created by Sid and Marty Krofft (the producers of the show)

Along with all the fun of a variety show, The Brady Bunch Hour had a story line. When the Brady family was chosen to star in a new variety series for ABC, Mike Brady gave up his architecture career and moved his family into a beach-side home somewhere in Southern California.

All of this sounds like the recipe for a great show but things went from great to amazing on episode 8, when the show had on as their guests....

The What's Happening Kids!

After meeting the kids at school, the Bradys invited them back to their house. There, they played game simply called, "The Make Pretend You Drink A Potion And Turn Into Whoever You Want Game."

Rerun "drank his potion" and turned into Football superstar, OJ Simpson! And it just gets crazier from there, including a disco medley of the I Love Lucy theme song. Yes indeed, it truly was must-see TV! Relive this classic moment from TV history. Watch the show below, the Whats Happening Kids come in at the 10:47 mark.

As always, share your thoughts about this wonderful and weird TV Treasure.

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