Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

When you think of your favorite Christmas movies, do you think of Santa, Elves, Toys, Snow, and Martians? If all of the above is the recipe for your favorite Christmas movie, then we have the film for you. Feast your eyes on this classic poster that hangs proudly in the Wonder Weird office all holiday season long.

Of course we are talking about the classic 1964 film "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians" Released on November 14, 1964, this sci-fi holiday film was the first film to feature Mrs. Claus! It is just your average timeless Christmas tale of two Martians, Momar and Kimar. They're worried that their children are watching too much Earth television, most notably station KID-TV's North Pole workshop interview with Santa Claus. Momar and Kimar are advised by an 800-year-old Martian (maybe the original Yoda?) that the children of Mars have no individuality or freedom of thought due to the society's overly rigid structure. The elder proclaims that the only way to ensure the children's freedom is to allow them to have fun. To do this, they need a Santa Claus figure, like on Earth. The Martians decide to abduct Santa Claus from Earth and bring him to Mars. But with so many mall and street corner Santas around, they could not figure out which is the real Santa. So the Martians kidnap two kids to tell them who is the real Santa!

This is one of those movies that's so bad that its fun to watch. Everything from the sets, to the costumes, to the lighting, is all amazingly zany. The robot and special effects are a thrill to watch. One of the things that you will remember about this film is the catchy song that plays during the ending. This film had a $200,000 budget which I am guessing went into the sets because they are really not that bad for a film of this level. If you look closely, The Martian guns were actually painted Whammo Air Blasters, which was a popular toy at the time .

So if you are looking for a new family Christmas tradition, we at Wonder Weird suggest you gather around the computer screen and watch this B-Movie classic.

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