What The Fluff?

Ahhh we have all been there. It's time to eat. You are so hungry and want something yummy and fast. What do you make? What do you reach for? The peanut butter and Marshmallow Fluff!!!

This delicious treat has been around much longer then you think. The origin of Marshmallow Fluff actually goes back to 1917. Before WWI, a Somerville MA man named Archibald Query had been making it in his kitchen and selling it door to door, but wartime shortages had forced him to close down. By the time the war was over, Mr Query had other work and was uninterested in restarting his business, but he was willing to sell the formula. H. Allen Durkee and Fred L. Mower pooled their savings and bought it for five hundred dollars. Having just returned from France, they renamed their product “Toot Sweet Marshmallow Fluff” but “Toot Sweet” didn’t stay on the label for long.

Fluff was originally sold in metal containers and often had recipes on them. It was not until 1945 that they switched to glass packaging and that is what they still use today.

This is what it looked like back in 1938...

Durkee and Mower turned the Marshmallow Fluff business into a giant empire. The door to door trade gained a reputation among local housewives that eventually placed Fluff onto local grocers shelves. They even took to the airwaves to sell their product . Their very own Fluff radio show was called "The Flufferettes". It was a 15 minute radio show full of songs, music, comedy and of course the fluff jingle!

Americans learned about Fluff by word of mouth and all the yummy recipes that we made by housewives across the country! All of these recipes were collected and published in the official Marshmallow Fluff cook book called "The Yummy Book". It was over 50 recipes using Fluff. If you would like to download a free copy of this classic cook book click this link


But off course, we all know how to make the most classic sandwich in the world... the Fluffernutter!!! Half peanut butter, half Fluff, all yummy!!! Here is a video to teach you how to make one.

Today Marshmallow Fluff is still made in the original town and original factory in Lynn, Massachusetts. Did you know they make two different flavors of Fluff, vanilla and strawberry? And here is the biggest "did you know?" Did you know that every year they have a Fluff-themed festival in the town square of Lynn Massachusetts to celebrate Marshmallow Fluff? It's called the What the Fluff Fest! You never know who you may meet at the What The Fluff Fest. In 2011, Susan Olsen of Brady Bunch fame, was at the fest, selling her Marshmallow Fluff-inspired art.

Learn more about the Fluff Fest, check it out here... http://www.flufffestival.com/

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