Sonar Sub Hunt Game!

Now is your chance to live out your dreams of looking through a periscope and sinking enemy subs. With the help of Mattel's, "Sonar Sub Hunt Game", your dreams can come true.

Just as the box says, use the glowing green radar screen to search out and destroy your enemy's submarine fleet but watch out for mines! The first player to sink 7 of the other player's boats wins. Oh, and you also get to look through a periscope to find the other boats.

We really feel this game was ahead of its time and look at how cool the design was! The box had great black and green artwork and the game board itself looks like something out of a science fiction film.

Have you played this game? Would you play this game?

Let's take a look at how this game was played.

As you can see, this game looks like a lot of fun and would still be a good time today. In fact, this game has a big cult following and its own fan website! Check it out.

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