7UP Gold. One of the Sodas we Miss

It seemed in the 1980s everywhere you looked companies were battling it out to get new and returning customers. The fast food industry, the cereal industry, and one of the biggest battles was the soft drink industry. While the soft drink industry was heating up with some hits and misses (Coke II) one company decided to take a risk and release a new version of one of their classic drinks.

7UP Gold was marketed for a short time in 1988 as a spice-flavored beverage, similar to Vernor's Ginger Ale. Even though 7UP's marketing slogan at that time was "Never Had It, Never Will" (referring to caffeine), 7UP Gold did list caffeine as one of its ingredients. It was introduced by 7UP in the hopes of capturing 1% of the cola market. However, it only captured one-tenth of one percent of the cola market apparently because people were confused by 7UP marketing a soft drink with caffeine, and therefore it was discontinued. The 7UP Gold recipe was actually an unused Dr Pepper invention.

Do you remember drinking this lost soda gem? What did you think of it?

Let's take a look at a vintage commercial for this lost drink.

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