Magical Musical Thing

In 1979, toy maker Mattel released a musical instrument that seems like they had no clue what to call it, so they just called it a Magical musical Thing..

This new and exciting musical instrument was run on a 9 volt battery ( it seems all toys had to use a 9 volt battery back in the 70's) and would have different colored buttons then when pressed it would omit different tones or "notes".

The Magical Musical Thing Songbook

Inside all the boxes you would also get a song book to play your favorite old time tunes, these were always the same songs on all keyboards. Well thanks to our team of pop- culture archeologists we were able to uncover a copy of the song book so bust out your Magical Musical Things and play along

We really can't wait for a band to take one of these out on stage and do a 15 minute solo!!!

Check out the Commercial

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