Saturday Morning Line Up NBC 1980

Saturday mornings had the best line ups for cartoons and great kids shows. Lets take a look at a classic Saturday morning lineup:

This ad is from a Saturday morning line up that was on NBC, we believe it was the year 1980. Look at some of the great shows:

The Godzilla/ Dynomutt Hour.

The networks at this time started to do "package" hours of two cartoons together to fill an hour, in this case the odd pairing of Dynomutt and Godzilla, Dynomutt was the side kick to blue falcon while godzilla was based on .. well the godzilla cartoons. At first we thought this could be cool if they had them in the same cartoon together, but they were stand alone cartoons. This pairing didn't last and half way through the first season Dynomutt was replaced by Hong Kong Fuey

Check out the Dynomutt Intro

Here is the intro to Godzilla

The Filntsones Comedy Show

This was another revival of the classic Flintstone cartoon. This series featured new characters (The Frankenstones, Cavemouse) as well as older characters (Penny, Wiggy, Moonrock and Schleprock ) the Shmoo from his show The New Shmoo and Captain Caveman were also on the show. A series of gags, educational spots, games, how-to-draw and a dance-of-the-week were featured in-between the six segments every week. The Flintstone Comedy Show ran for 2 seasons

Check out the Intro now

The Space Stars

This was a 60 min block of space cartoons. This block had some great cartoons like:

  • Space Ghost (2 segments, 6 minutes each)

  • The Herculoids (1 segment, 10 minutes)

  • Teen Force (1 segment, 7 minutes)

  • Space Ace and the Space Mutts (1 segment, 7 minutes)

  • Space Stars Finale (1 segment, 7 minutes)

Just look at that line up during this hour !! Space Ghost and Space Ace together in the same block?? Sometimes they would do crossover shows with stars from different shows teaming up. We always love to see that happen . It was something cool to see Space Ghost with The Herculoids. This show was popular with kids but it only last 11 episodes

Enjoy the intro now

The Daffy Duck Show

We have to be honest, it was a surprise to us to see this show in the line up . It was a carry over show from the past 2 years. When it received good ratings they went with the old saying if it ain't broke, don't cancel it

Watch the intro

This looked like a solid line up for NBS , it had some new shows, Teen Force, it had an older show Daffy, but overall it was a good line up

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