Lets take a look at some classic Christmas Ads!!

This time of year is always great! Certainly, not only because we get to watch Emmet otter, or listen to super cheerful music, we also get to see some fun Christmas ads!!! As you can guess all of us in the office love older odd ads, so let us take a look at some classic Christmas ads from the past

This is a great ad for Alka=Seltzer.. it shows you that it makes a great stocking stuffer!!.. I wonder how many gave this as a gift? If you really think about it, this gift idea is something useful after eating all that fruitcake!

This was one of the most popular gifts that all boys and girls wanted to find under the tree.. unfortunately, it seems that most kids now just wanted to play their video games and not enjoy the crazy fun excitement you get when you go down a hill without using your brakes

This is a classic ad that says if you want to make your wife happy get her a Hoover vacuum! This ad in todays times is considered to be sexist. that being said we love the look and design of the ad, also the dress she is wearing is amazing!!

This is a great ad for a great line of classic toys! It all started with the slinky and morphed into many great toys! Thanks to the Toy story films slinky dog is popular again. We wonder if slinky is still popular with kids.. we hope so..

This was just a fun look at some great ads.. which was your favorite?

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