Mail Order Goodies- Polaris Nuclear Sub

When you are a kid you dream of driving every vehicle known to man. Yes, of course, we have all dreamed about going into a submarine.. But what about actually owning your own personal Polaris Nuclear Sub?? The possibilities are endless and so is the fun!! This sub is over 7 feet long!!! Seats 2 kids!! The sub has rockets that fire, a real periscope and much, much more!!! Of course you may be wondering how much would something this technical, this wonderful, this amazing cost?? 6 million dollars? 10 million? Well close, it will cost you $6.98 and you get a 10 day free trial of your sub.. just in case you didn't get what was advertised.. Okay, after seeing this ad most of you must be curious to see what you really got for your money, well we have found one of the only remaining photos of this sub

A real Polaris Nuclear Sub

So in real life when you order this sub you would get a box delivered to your door with several pieces of cardboard in it.. Once you put it all together you will have your own Polaris Nuclear Sub. From what we can find in the history books this mail order was really well made!! It has a great look to it and the body is something straight out of the 50's . All of us in the office would love to get one of these in the mail!!! What about you?

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