HBO Movie intro April Fools Joke

The concept of HBO (Home Box Office) when it first came out was exciting, you could watch a a full movie without commercials!!! That was un heard of then. You would get to see films soon after they came out on VHS or Betamax and you can you see some good original shows. Yes, even back then they had some good shows,: Dream on, Tales from the Crypt ETC.. But the big deal was every Saturday night when the new movie of the week would come on. You would be so excited to see a new film and to build your excitement you get to see the HBO Feature Presentation intro.. and wow, what an intro it was, remember it?? It would start off with a family watching TV

Dad turns the TV to HBO

Then the Camera would fly out the window and down the city street over a bus

After the bus, the camera would fly over the hills and into the stars and we would see a HBO logo appear. The camera would fly through the logo as if we are stuck in a tractor beam . After we battle through we would see this...

Still don't remember?? Okay watch it in full here

Okay welcome back .. Yea you see I told you you would remember it.. but do you remember what HBO did on Aprils Fool??? They did a "Joke " version of the intro using toys and their hands..

They did a close reenactment of the intro but a low budget version and it was amazing!!!! You can see hands moving the toys, strings holding up items. At the end when you see the big HBO logo you see a hand spinning it around

It was great, and it just showed how much fun they had in the early days at HBO. They also had some fun with the ratings slates (slate is a information graphic) just imagine you turn on HBO to watch Back to the Future and see these bumpers playing?? Ha ha, well done HBO, well done.. Bring back the fun...

Watch the April Fools fun HBO had

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