Stop!!! Its Hammerman Toothpaste Time!!

In the year 1991 MC Hammer was everywhere!!! Hit songs, sold out tours, toy dolls and he even had a Saturday morning cartoon!! Did you know that he had his own toothpaste? It is true, Mr. "too legit to quit" had his own Hammerman Toothpaste in two different flavors ( bubble gum & grape). Okay, if that is not crazy enough for you how about this?? The only place you can get Hammerman Toothpaste was at White Castle??? White Castle was battling some public backlash about their food not being healthy (hmmm, not healthy fast food?? that is crazy!!) In order to make up with the public they had a kids meal that would include Hammerman tooth paste , toothbrush, soap and a sponge!!

The Hammerman White Castle Kids Meal

This was a very interesting idea White Castle had trying to make up to to public with a sponge and toothpaste? This kids meal did not last long and now this is a highly collected find..

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