Chemistry Sets for Kids

I am sure many people reading this are wondering the same thing we are wondering.. How did Chemistry Sets for kids ever get made and more importantly how did they sell so many???

Chemistry sets first became popular in the late 1920's - 30s. Giving children access to substances would raise eyebrows in today's more safety-conscious times. There were toxic ingredients in pesticides, as well as chemicals now used in bombs or considered likely to increase the risk of cancer. And most parents will not need to be told of the dangers of the sodium cyanide found in the interwar kits or the uranium dust present in the "nuclear" kits of the 1950s

a look inside a vintage Chemistry KSet

Chemistry sets started a sales decline in the 1970s, . By the 1980s they had lost their mainstream appeal. While some Chemistry sets are still sold today they mostly have tie ins from movies or TV shows like a harry potter spell maker .

Lets take a look at some classic Chemistry Sets

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