Spin Off Shows- BayWatch Nights

The Mid 1990s saw a boom in syndicated TV shows ( shows the any channel can buy and air) the biggest of these show was Baywatch starring David Hasselhoff. In case you didn't know bay watch was the story of lifeguards that would ..well watch the bay. So to cash in on the high ratings of the show why not have head lifeguard Mitch ( David Hasselhoff ) become a private invtestagor and solve crime at night.. but wait what in the world would we call this show??? hmmm how about...

Mitch Buchannon ( David Hasselhoff) has a friend that use to be a police office at the same location he is a life guard, his now retired friend runs his own PI group and needs help from Mitch to solve crimes. added to the cast was Angie Harmon, Lisa Stahl and Singer Lou Rawls.

Cast of Baywatch Nights

This would be your typical who did cop/crime show with Mitch and the ganging geeing the bad guy at the end just time for that show ending joke. Season 1 ratings were just okay not as good as baywatch and they wanted to get higher ratings so of season 2 they changed the show up a but and added an x-files feel to the show. Some episodes would have ghost, ufos aliens and also had no viewers. by the end of the second season it was all over for baywatch Nights

Watch the first episode of Baywatch Nights now

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