Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles LIVE ON STAGE!!!

W e all remember watching this cartoon and films but do you remember the time the Ninja Turtles went on tour?? a SOLD OUT MUSIC TOUR?? well it happened!! and it looked magical .

Cover of the VHS Tape

o capitalize on the Turtles' popularity, a concert tour was held in 1990, premiering at Radio City Music Hall on August 17 The "Coming Out of Their Shells" tour featured live-action turtles playing music as a band (Donatello, keyboards; Leonardo, bass guitar; Raphael, drums and sax; Michelangelo, guitar) on stage around a familiar plotline: April O'Neil is kidnapped by the Shredder, and the Turtles have to rescue her.

The Ninja Turtles LIVE in concert

The most amazing part of this whole thing is that the tour was a sell out!!! they sold out Radio City Music Hall in NY!! they also had a pay-per -veiw event with the concert from radio city.. the tour was spenser by.. want to take a guess who would sponsor this tour??? your right PIZZA HUT!!! and at pizza hut locations you can purchase the coming out of their shells tour audio cassette

The story had a very Bill-n'-Ted-esque feel, with its theme of the power of rock n' roll literally defeating the enemy, in the form of the Shredder (who only rapped about how he hates music) trying to eliminate all music. A pay-per-view special highlighting the concert was shown, and a studio album was also released.

here is the Concert tour track list

"Coming Out of Our Shells!"

"Sing About It"


"Skipping Stones"

"Pizza Power"

"Walk Straight"

"No Treaties"


"April Ballad"

"Count on Us"

Okay so at first we though that there is no way the turtles are playing the music and singing this LIVE ?? no way at all they have to be doing this to a backing track and doing some milli vimlii thing.. but if you watch the concert video you can see this is real!!! these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are singing for real, and playing the instruments fir real and saving april for real.. everything about this stage show is 100 percent real!!! and it is real fun to watch..

Check it out the FULL Video now

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