Saturday Morning Lineup- CBS 1985

Saturday mornings had the best line ups for cartoons and great kids shows lets take a look at a classic Saturday morning lineup:

The Berenstain Bears

8:00 am

The series tells the story of a bear family that lives in a tree, the bears are just like humans. The family consists of Mama Bear, Papa Bear, Brother Bear, and Sister Bear. The series teaches lessons, continues from the TV specials, and expands Bear Country as well as character development. Each episode follows the struggles of the family, mainly the cubs. Based on the already popular books this was a big ratings getting for the network. the show lasted 2 seasons with 52 Episodes being made.

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The Wuzzles


The puzzle were short, colorful and a mix of two different animals. The all had wings but only one could fly. this was a cartoon disney produced and it was created my disney bigwig Michael Eisner. The characters for the show had so much merchandise they were everywhere but the show only lasted 2 seasons in the US. Oversea it was a big hit, so big that they relates the first episode in the theaters.

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Muppet babies

9:00 am

I have to admit this was one of my favorite cartoons to come out of the 1980's , it had something for everyone . all your favorite muppets as babies, clips from popular films and a great example on how to use your imagination, Muppet Babies was a bout the babe muppets going on adventure while there nanny( who we never see her face just her socks) is watching them , they would inter cut clips from famous films like star wars and Indaina Jones ( that is the reason why it has not been released on dvd due to copyrights from the clips) This was just a great idea for a show .

Here is the intro to this great show

The Little Monsters


This brings us to this mystery show on the line up, we had to do some extra digging for this show . The show was anchored by three young Muppet monsters: Tug , Molly , and Boo The three have started their own basement show following an incident where Scooter has them put in the basement after Molly and Boo played water polo in the living room. They are joined by Nicky Napoleon and his Emperor Penguins as their music act. This was a mix of Muppets and cartoons. 13 full Episodes were made but only 3 aired, some say it was due to the episodes getting the network to late to air. we have seen the episodes here in Wonder Weird headquarters and have to say we wish we could see more. It was fun show to watch

Why not watch the first episode of this rare show now!!!!

Hulk Hogan's Rock 'N' Wrestling

10am (1 hour)

This cartoon was a favorite of many of us here in the office., It had our favorite wrestlers of the time going on wacky adventures and battling against each other. You have to remember WWF was mainstream . Hulk Hogan was on the cover of Sports Illustrated and the wwf had a show on NETWORK TV on saturday nights. SO on the only next step would be to make a cartoon. This cartoon would have GREAT live action segments before the cartoons with the real wrestler but had to have voice actors for the cartoon voices ( the wrestlers busy schedule didn't allow them any time to record voices) In fact sitcom actor Brad Garett was the voice of Hulk Hogan!!! The storylines were pretty much the same every show Hulk and his friends would fight Roddy Piper and his friends.. Great show and we still enjoy it today!

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We just had took a look at a few of the shows on this line up of cartoons , we would think this is a great line and would have been fun to watch on a Saturday Morning

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