The Beatles Cartoon

This is a cartoon that all of us here at the Wonder Weird office really love to watch , and to be honest what is there not to love about it??? This cartoon has great character designs, bright colors, fun story telling , great songs on and yea it is baed on one of the biggest bands of all time??...

The Beatles from the Beatles Cartoon

The Beatles cartoon was based on the band from england and had all 4 members represented. The cartoon first aired on ABC TV September 25, 1965 and was a really big hit!! The episodes would mostly be based on songs lyrics from the Beatles songs or have a sing a long with a beatles song playing and a bouncing ball with the words. The voices of the cartoon beasts were done by choice actors that were legends in the field. and of cores the beasts had a cute/ funny pet frog that was rings friend.

This cartoon was filled with slaps stick comedy and sight gags. The look of the beasts was based on their "mop top" look but when this cartoon was airing the real Beatles have already moved away from this look. The cartoon lasted for 3 seasons , a total of 39 episodes were made and the last one aired on October 21, 1967. This cartoon was the first weekly cartoon to be based on real people that were still living.

The beatles standing in front of their cartoon versions

So are you like us and wonder what did the beatles think of the beatles cartoon? well Originally, the Beatles disliked the cartoon; however, as time went on they grew to like it. In 1972, Lennon commented, "I still get a blast out of watching the Beatles cartoons on TV." In 1999, Harrison said, "I always kind of liked [the cartoons]. They were so bad or silly that they were good, if you know what I mean, and I think the passage of time might make them more fun now

and to be honest we agree this is a fun cartoon to watch with great music and lovely artwork.

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